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Juliette Torrez’ Poetry Channel & Information Network lived at About.com Poetry from November 1997 through March 1999, archived on the Web site with live links. When the Poetry Channel went dead in 1999, Poetry Guides Bob Holman and Margery Snyder put together a new network of correspondents from every part of the U.S. and around the world and created its successor, the About.com Poetry Museletter.

Every week for four years, Museletter brought news of local poetry scenes from our correspondents, announcements and notes submitted by our readers, poetry articles from all over the About.com network, and highlights of new feature stories at the About.com Poetry Web site to our subscribers’ emailboxes. Our correspondents’ guides to local poetry performance venues, profiles of poets in their areas, and interviews with local movers and shakers on the poetry scene were archived at About.com Poetry with live links that made those pages the best reference for traveling poets and poetry lovers seeking readings, poets or publications in a new place. But by the end of 2003, most of our original Museletter correspondents had moved on to other writing projects, having pretty well covered the poetry-reporting possibilities in their local regions.

Too many of the links in those old newsletters have died over the course of the years since then—so many that we found it impossible to maintain the archives, and we made the difficult decision to close them. You can still keep up with what’s going on in the poetry world and at About.com Poetry by signing up for our weekly email newsletter (no longer called “Museletter”—now it’s simply called the Poetry newsletter from About.com), but the old newsletters are no longer archived on the site. If you want to browse through past postings of poetry news, we’d suggest you visit our blog archives.

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