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InterBoard Poetry Competition
Second Place Winner, July 2005

      sabyasachi nag
      (Writer’s Block)

In Graz four newborns are found cold
in a freezer. Frozen in a bucket.
Blue-black under rose-garden-debris.
No one is shocked.

They hold out fists, point
fingers, shake heads at her.
Each time she birthed she despaired.
Birthed. Despaired. Each time.

Even the man whose wrists are red from her cinch
can’t remember any pregnancies. They will run
tests, tie threads. Meanwhile
the tenant who opened the freezer walks

three miles before he finds the ice cream
and relishing the taste of fresh peach in
crushed pecan notes in his diary – June 3.
‘Blood hides in every apple, a moon in every blister.’

Judge Aaron Welborn’s comments: “Good poems often contain instructions on how to read them. In the case of ‘A Meaningless Poem,’ we can look to the title, which shouldn’t be taken too literally. If anything lacks meaning here, it is a world in which ‘No one is shocked’ any more--whether by a freezerful of dead babies, or by poems about them--where all expectations are reversed, much as the saying in the poem’s final line seems to be inverted. If we cannot face absurdity somehow, the poet seems to be saying, we cannot react to much of life.”

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