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A Deaf Poetics
Part I, a poem
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If I were to throw all my money into anything
I'd throw my money into the Deaf community
If I were to throw all my money anywhere
I'd throw it into ASL

Because the future of the species is immune
To all the preaching and the silence
Of these moments is best spoken to
By the quietude of Far by far

Oh in the silence
You hear the heart drum
You hear the ear pull
Air towards hair

But in the gesture
Of the measure
Of the pasture
You are for sure

ASL'll lead you
Past the pasture
To the Gate where
You will hear

So take my money
Take my tongue
Take my breath
And see it fly

Listen to the Deaf Community
Listen to the Poetry
The whirr o' meaning
Coming up for air

Walk together to the riverside
Making small talk sign by sign
The body's speaking now, hush
Listen with ecstatic eyes

Bob Holman

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