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If Only
by Adam

Take a snapshot view of your world
One that is sedate and serene
You’re at the top and it’s not a dream
You look out and everything’s fine
And in a New York minute you’re spun on a dime

Suddenly you are face to face
With the limits of Company ambition
And the scars of America’s political marketplace

Ever close your eyes
Ever think why?
Sit, really think and listen
Find a reason for so many to die

No sign of life, it’s all gone
Take a walk in an empty room
Memories come rushing up to loved ones now
Sadness is mixed with war and gloom

You know it never ceases to amaze you and me
This world where we just exist
Is absolutely full of maniacs and crazies
Who demand protection from a well-produced list

You know I can’t help thinking
That one day soon
We will all wake up
We will all be on the moon

Soaring above the heavens
Looking back on what has been
Seeing things we’ve never really seen
Thinking how it all could have been

If only the Moon had stayed up
If only the Sun hadn’t woke
If everyone were late for work
They would have been warned off by the smoke

If Only

©2001, Adam Quin

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