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Other Collections of Poet Biographies and Interviews

If you can’t find the poet you’re seeking in our Poets A-Z index, check these other collections of poet biographies and interviews.

The Academy of American Poets’ “Find a Poet”
The Academy’s “Find a Poet” archive is the first place to look for information on American (and a few British and international) poets.

American Poet Greats Lecture Series
From 1997 to 2003, the Museum of American Poetics sponsored “monthly talks by poets speaking about the lives and works of other poets or poetry movements they feel passionately about.” Selected lectures are available online in streaming RealVideo: see Thomas Peters on Kerouac, Sue Rhynhart on Frank O’Hara, Jim Cohn on Paul Blackburn...

BBCFour Interviews with Poets
A library where you can listen to some of the most influential and beloved poets of the last 100 years talking about their lives and their poems: e.e. cummings, Ezra Pound, Stevie Smith....

MAPS, Modern American Poetry
MAPS is the “multimedia companion” to the Oxford Anthology of Modern American Poetry. It includes libraries of biographical information and critical commentary on 161 contemporary poets and their poems.

The Poetry Foundation’s Poetry Tool
The Poetry Foundation’s Poetry Tool allows you to search their huge archives for poets by last name, first name, birth date, death date, school or period or geographical location, or just to browse the most popular poets on the site.

PoetryNet Poet of the Month
John Canaday’s PoetryNet offers a selection of poems and a brief biography or sometimes a poetical essay from a different poet each month. In the archives you will find such treasures as “To Enter the Mind of Someone You Love,” a poem both brave and careful by Dennis Sampson, and Maurya Simon’s sharp and lovely “Benediction” in memory of Allen Ginsberg.

Voices from the Gaps
The University of Minnesota’s compendium on the lives and works of women of color will take you from Phillis Wheatley to Emily Pauline Johnson to June Jordan and Joy Harjo.

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