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Contemporary Poets

  1. A, Alexie to Ayhan (8)
  2. B, Baca to Bradley (8)
  3. C, Cabico to Corman (19)
  4. D, Dacus to Dubie (9)
  5. E, E to Eshleman (3)
  6. F, Ferlinghetti to Frost (4)
  7. G, Gilbert to Gunn (17)
  8. H, Hall to Howard (7)
  9. I, Intelligentleman to Intl (2)
  10. J, Jaffe to Jordan (5)
  11. K, Kaufman to Kunitz (16)
  12. L, Lally to Luterman (11)
  13. M, Mackey to Myles (21)
  14. N, Notley to Nye (2)
  15. O, Oliver to Ouzoonian (5)
  16. P, Michael Palmer to Robert Pr (11)
  17. Q (none) (0)
  18. R, Raindog to Rothenberg (9)
  19. S, Salasin to Sylvester (22)
  20. T, Tate to Trudell (11)
  21. U (none) (0)
  22. V, Vazirani to Vega (2)
  23. W, Wakoski to Wright (10)
  24. X (none) (0)
  25. Y (none) (0)
  26. Z (none) (0)
  27. Poets in the News (2)

Transgressing the Literary Zeitgeist with Absurdist Poet Ananda Osel
Andrew Wright interviews Ananda Osel, whose work “lives at the logical meeting point of philosophy and Dirty Realism, or minimalism. Not surprisingly, at nearly every turn his work and personal philosophy run antithetical to the prevailing mood of the literary establishment.”

Nanao Sakaki
A reference page on Nanao Sakaki, Japanese earth walker and environmentalist poet (1923 - 2008).

Kay Ryan
A reference page on Kay Ryan, American outsider poet named U.S. Poet Laureate in 2008.

Hayden Carruth
A reference page on Hayden Carruth, former editor of Poetry magazine who moved to a Vermont farm and became an outsider poet, struggling against agoraphobia, alcoholism and personal demons all his life and finally gaining recognition as a grand old man of American poetry.

Charles Simic
A reference page on Charles Simic, acclaimed Serbian-American poet who did not speak English until he was 15, named U.S. Poet Laureate in 2007.

Hearts and Hands
Let's call him hero, and be done with it: he's devoted his life to blasting holes in the prison walls, allowing the poem to pass through... And now he's gone and opened Tia Chucha Cafe Cultural.

Jack Gilbert
A reference page on Jack Gilbert (1925 - 2012), long-time exile from the US and the American poetry scene, who nonetheless became known as a poet’s poet, inspiring fierce loyalty in his readers.

Linda Dyer: Remembering a Bold Soul
A memoir of Linda Dyer, poet & Bold Soul, written by her friend & sister poet Terri Ford just after she died of breast cancer in July 2006.

Liu Xiaobo
A reference page on Liu Xiaobo, Chinese poet, literary critic and activist for democracy and free speech, who was imprisoned in 2009 and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010.

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