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B, Jimmy Santiago Baca to Eirean Patton Bradley

Jimmy Santiago Baca
Black Mesa, dead ahead—welcome to the Homeboy Homepage. One of poetry’s true treasures, Jimmy Santiago Baca has a beautiful site to scout and scour.

Amiri Baraka
As a Beat, he was known as Leroi Jones... as a Black Nationalist and then a Third World Socialist, he is known as Amiri Baraka, playwright, poet, activist, critic, intellectual.

Amiri Baraka
Our collection of Baraka links will take you to his work all over the Net.

Les Barker
See what Mrs. Ackroyd has to say about Manchester poet/humorist/folksinger Les Barker, then catch one of his gigs in the UK or the US. From his “folk opera” The Stones of Callanish to his comic song collection Gnus and Roses to t-shirts based on songs like “Cosmo the Fairly Accurate Knife-Thrower,” it’s all at Mrs. Ackroyd Enterprises.

bill bissett
If John Cage and Shel Silverstein had a baby and it lived in Toronto, would it be bill bissett? His books include b leev abul char ak trs (2000) and peter among th towring boxes/text bites (2002), all from Talon Books.

Bastian Boettcher
At Bastian Boettcher’s site you’ll find all the inside scoops of this creamy, totally great hiphop poet, who melts German into poetry by the spoonful. The extraordinary idea: German Rapoetry, and its Slam propulsions, await you like a kidnapper.

Eavan Boland
The model for poet in the next millenium -- woman as Maker. Her poems rip the words from the text of history to reveal the face of the faceless seethe of human beings on whose bodies power has built roads to nowhere. See “A Woman Painted on Leaf,” “The Emigrant Irish,” “That the Science of Cartography Is Limited” & “The Pomegranate.”

Eirean Patton Bradley
Bradley’s a slammer; his Speaker online anthology for the terminally hip offers an expansive sampling of other Slam poets he admires as well as his own poem, “10,000.”

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