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C, Regie Cabico to Cid Corman

Regie Cabico
Champion slammer and soft-spoken sweetheart Regie Cabico is editor of the Poetry Nation “North American fusion” anthology. You’ll find his poem “Tribute” at the Wired on Words site, and a number of poems, both text and audio, in Washington, D.C.’s Beltway Poetry Quarterly.

The Carma Bums
LA-based wackstered nuevo boho brainstorming poets on a commission rankle fervor with their poetry play-by-plays. They fly by night. S.A. Griffin, Doug Knott, Mike Bruner, Mike Mollett, and Scott Wannberg—anti-heroes of the anti-Christic anti-freeze anti-anti antics. Danger site burps poetic.

Jim Carroll
Jim Carroll is a great poet and his Web site and fanzine listserv under the direction of Cassie Carter is homey and chockfull. A truth-teller and wordshaper of excellence: you love Basketball Diaries; search for Living at the Movies.

Hayden Carruth
Three poems by this most beloved old man of contemporary American poetry are at the AAP site: “Letter to Denise,” “Scrambled Eggs & Whiskey” and “Endnote.” There are also two interviews with the poet himself in the Fall 1996 Writers Online.

Hayden Carruth
More Carruth poems to read online: “Saturday at the Border” in The Atlantic Online’s Poetry Pages, “Emergency Haying” & “Ray” at Poets on the Line, No. 2 and “I, I, I” at Agni, No. 3.

Lorna Dee Cervantes
Chicana poet, professor and activist Lorna Dee Cervantes has two poems in our About.com Poetry library, “Palestine” and “Imagine,” and she also posts poems and musings on her blog, where she “opens her poetry into pixels—poetry, peace y xicanisma.”

C.E. Chaffin
Chaffin’s book is called Elementary, he edits one of the best Web zines, The Melic Review, and you can read his poems in places like interface and Tryst, where the poems come with an extensive interview and an essay, “Towards a New Direction in Poetry.”

Jim Chandler
Chandler has a lot going on: his Webzine Thunder Sandwich, poems in PoetryMagazine.com and a personal online collection called Chap My Ass. What an amazing guy!

Sandra Cisneros
Sandra Cisneros is famous enough to qualify for her own page in the Internet School Library Teacher Resource File, a good place for any reader to begin. Read three of her poems at Making Face, Making Soul..., a chicana feminist homepage: “Poem for the Young White Man Who Asked Me...,” “Old Maids” & “Las Girlfriends.”

Jim Clark
Jim Clark writes about Appalachia in poetry & song & has two books: Dancing on Canaan's Ruins (Eternal Delight Productions, 1997) & Handiwork (Saint Andrews Press, 1998). Hey, the guy had a poem printed in Rolling Stone!

Lucille Clifton
Clifton is an American treasure. Her “cutting greens” & “homage to my hips” are among the text + audio offerings at the Academy of American Poets.

Leonard Cohen
You can find unpublished work supplied by Cohen himself in the “Blackening Pages,” as well as countless other Cohen poems, songs, films, paintings, photos, chats, tour reports & memorabilia, all at The Leonard Cohen Files, an amazingly comprehensive site from Jarkko & Rauli Arjatsalo in Finland.

Todd Colby
Todd Colby contributed a poem for the 1999 Labor Day holiday weekend here at About Poetry -- “void where prohibited by law.” You can also read his work at canwehaveourballback, La Petite Zine & Naked Poetry.

Wanda Coleman
She is High Priestess of Poetry, her work a hypnotic blend of form and magic (...and we never use the word “magic”). Four of her “American Sonnets” are online at Light & Dust.

Billy Collins
Someone, oh it was the New York Times, called him the “most popular poet in America” a a few years back, there was a huge industry to-do about his dealings with the wrong side of the independents, Random House v. Pittsburgh Press, and he was the U.S. Poet Laureate 2001 - 2003. Read the poetry, audio and literal, at his own site.

Billy Collins
You can read more Billy Collins at Eye Dialect, in The Cortland Review #7 & at Poetry Daily.

He’s a Philadelphia poet who also works in the medium of correspondence. His “Dear Mr. President” is one of the pieces in our Poems for Peace collection. You can also read his work in Tool a Magazine, La Petite Zine & Tameme.

Laura Conway
Laura Conway wrote, spoke & sang very fine poems when she lived in San Francisco in the 1980’s. After she moved to Prague, she was our European Museletter correspondent. Thanks to Stevie DeSaille, Laura’s 1989 Zeitgeist Press book, The Cities of Madame Curie, has made its way online. This is must-read poetry.

Cid Corman
Cid Corman was a beloved & amazingly prolific poet, translator of French & Japanese poets, host of the first American poetry radio show, respected essayist and the independent editor & founder of Origin Press, which published a great deal of the most important new American poetry from the 1950s on. He lived in Kyoto, Japan with his wife Shizumi from 1958 until his death in 2004.

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