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F, Lawrence Ferlinghetti to Corey Frost

Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Victor Infante interviews Ferlinghetti on the Poet as Outsider: “Poetry is news, and it’s important when it articulates a new vision of reality or an old vision in a surprising way. When it subverts the dominant paradigm.”

Annie Finch
Homepage (nest) for new Formalist Annie Finch is chockablock with cozy redefinitions -- check out the editor of A Formal Feeling Comes and The Ghost of Meter, and know what you are talking about.

Larry Fontenot
“Poet Man” Larry Fontenot lives in Sugar Land, Texas & was featured poet at the 1996 Houston Poetry Fest. “Protocol” was featured in The Alsop Review’s “Noted on the Gazebo” section.

Corey Frost
His Bits World site reveals the many facets of Corey Frost: ga press chapbook publisher, solo & collaborative spoken word performer, spoken word theorist & “Exciting Version” multimedia artist.

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