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G, Jack Gilbert to Thom Gunn

Jack Gilbert
A reference page on Jack Gilbert (1925 - 2012), long-time exile from the US and the American poetry scene, who nonetheless became known as a poet’s poet, inspiring fierce loyalty in his readers.

Jack Gilbert: Poet without a career
Jim Finnegan wrote this profile of Jack Gilbert during a discussion of reading styles & poetic careers on the NewPoetry email list, and very kindly granted us permission to publish it at About Poetry.

Dana Gioia
A multi-faceted modern man of letters -- poet, critic, polemicist, backer of the New Formalists, translator, music critic, literary anthologist -- Dana Gioia is the poet at the helm of the National Endowment for the Arts, and his own site is the best place to begin finding out about his life and work.

Dana Gioia
Selected poems from Gioia’s first two collections, Daily Horoscope & The Gods of Winter, are online at Gloria Brame’s Thermopylae. “Thanks for Remembering Us,” “Alley Cat Love Song” & “Entrance” are included in former Poet Laureate Billy Collins’ Poetry 180 project.

Nikki Giovanni
At Fisk University in the 1960’s Nikki Giovanni was involved in both the Writer’s Workshop & SNCC, and her work has always been about the connections between politics, poetry, and her life as a black woman, a single mother & an intelligent radical.

David Gitin
Gitin is an outrageous minimalist who takes risks with words like nobody else. Twelve of his poems are in the Guest Poet Gallery at McClure-Manzarek.com.

Jesse Glass
Jesse Glass is an American poet who lives in Japan. His poems are online in many places, including The East Village Poetry Web, Canwehaveourballback? & BeeHive.

Loss Glazier
Your guides say these poems -- “Command” & “Go Fish” -- by Loss Glazier will give you an idea for what poets can do on the Web.

Gary Glazner
Sandy de Nimes reviews Gary Mex Glazner’s 2002 book of poems, travel stories & essays: Ears on Fire: Snapshot Essays in a World of Poets, “a road worth traveling and a book worth reading.”

Gary Glazner
Former San Francisco Slammaster Gary Glazner was the poetical dynamo behind e-zine Headless Buddha & po-distributor Words on Wheels, then in 1998 he took his poetry around the world (reporting to us from China & the Stockholm Poetry Olympics). Since 1999 his lightning has flashed onto the Net from Santa Fe, New Mexico (he is our Southwest Museletter correspondent),

Louise Glück
A most private poet, Louise Glück was selected as the public manifestation of poetry in the United States, Poet Laureate, in August, 2003.

Jack Godsey
Tossed Gauntlet -- The Rev. Jack Godsey, rental messiah, slam poet, magician, has written the poem that he says replaces “The Waste Land.” Especially recommended are the “Deodorant” (sneaky rant usage!) and “That's a lot of 7's” sections of his “Soundtrack to My Madness.”

Tammy Gomez
Gomez is the indefatigable, inimitable Tejana Tongue formerly of Austin, then Dallas, now Fort Worth... instigator of “Yoni Verse” & the Blast Your Own Breath performance series.

Bob Grenier
Our favorite utilization of Web possum bilities, you ask? Why, we dive straight off the high board into the deeperest end and check Bob Grenier’s reinterworkings of the poems of the late (as if he were ever anything but on time!) Larry Eigner on Light and Dust Poets.

Claudia Grinnell
Claudia Grinnell was born & raised in Germany, teaches at the University of Louisiana, Monroe & her poems are published both in print & on the Web. She is as beautiful as she is talented: you can see photographs & read poems like “A Case of Mistaken Identity” on her site.

Bob Grumman
Bob Grumman is a busy poet: master of Poetiks, proprietor of Runaway Spoon Press, poetical analyst of the Schools of American Poetry, and author of many Mathemaku (as he explains, a short form which plays between arithmetic and language).

Thom Gunn
Thom Gunn was a British expatriate in California, an honored & accomplished poet who wrote both metrically controlled & free verse. His poems often dealt with “anti-poetic” subjects: rebellion & violence, bikers & AIDS victims, drugs & gay life, love & decline.

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