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M, Nathaniel Mackey to Eileen Myles

Nathaniel Mackey
His ongoing Songs of the Andoumboulou (the “failed human experiments” in Dogon cosmology that Mackey believes are, ahem, us) is today’s Great Epic Poem. To read some of the Songs, plus interviews & commentary, visit Groovdigit’s Mackey page.

Greg Masters
This low-key New Yorker gets an internal rhyme going and then chunks in a flood of heart. One of our faves is “My Dinner With Yuki, Susan, and Lorna,” which has a link to another pearl, “Ode To Chinese Food Delivery Guys.”

Michael McClure
McClure’s Beat writing and SF Renaissance crossing-over to theater (The Beard) and essays (Scratching on a Beat Surface), all his multitalents + a selection of other writers’ considerations of his work are on his bountiful Web page at Light & Dust.

Michael McClure
McClure shares a Web site with his long-time collaborator Ray Manzarek -- it’s the place to go for news of their upcoming performances , videos & CDs. There’s also a McClure bibliography at Empty Mirror Books.

Jeffrey McDaniel
Bob Holman says, “In Alibi School, Jeffrey McDaniel rips the country’s skull out, holds it in his palm, and says: ‘Alas, you poor slobbering sham of a place, screaming at you doesn’t work, I shall explode your lies with concentrated metaphors!’”

Stazja McFadyen
“Do you hunger for poetry? Chocolate?” Taste Stazja‘s poem-menu & order up her Austin Poets at Large newsletter.

Heather McHugh
Did you know she was not only a terrific poet, but an anagrammarian as well? And she takes private poetry students by email, too.

William Brendan McPhillips
Bronx-born, Ireland-grown, now settled on Long Island, McPhillips has put the entirety of his six collections online, all lines rhymed & centered: from boyhood on “The Dublin Bus” to “On Being Asked If I Am a Senior Citizen.”

Jane Mead
Mead is a tight poet; her words are precise, even if they concern muddy shoes. Poetry Daily has posted an interview with her.

W.S. Merwin
W.S. Merwin is a revered master poet, prolific translator, Buddhist & caretaker of the natural world, whose compendious Migration: New & Selected Poems won the National Book Award in 2005.

Frank Messina
Poets, Listen UP! This is the way we do it now. Make yr own damn CD, smash it into digital doughnut on yr own CD site. Your name is Frank Messina. Your band is Spoken Motion. Your album is Biting the Tongue.

E. Ethelbert Miller
Miller has authored five collections of poetry, and has directed the African American Resource Center at Howard University since 1974. Beltway, the DC-area literary quarterly, has a selection of his poems. His most recent book is a memoir, Fathering Words: The Making of an African American Writer.

Czeslaw Milosz
Nobel Prize winner Czelaw Milosz’ bilingual site includes a streaming text poem. He is the conscience of the world.

Martha Cinader Mims
Martha Cinader is a decahedron dynamo: poet, author of When the Body Calls, host and publisher of Listen and Be Heard Arts Network News, she’s also motivating the earwaves with her jazz poetry foursome Po’azz Yo’azz. Go, Martha, inflammatory incendiary Cinader!

Jessica Care Moore
Her strong voice is up front among the new generation of Brooklyn poets -- catch her at the African American Literature Book Club's ever-more compendious site.

Todd Moore
Todd Moore died in 2010 and is remembered as the author of an epic poem on John Dillinger, a co-founder of the Outlaw School of Poetry, and an important influence among the poets Working the Wreckage of the American Poem. You can about him and his work at the Outlaw Poetry Network and in Poets on the Line.

Nancy Morejon
Nancy Morejon is a Cuban poet of heart-stopping fierce beauty words and light. You will find a profile and a few poems at Smith College’s Poetry Center, and an interview at Big City Lit.

Peter Murphy
Murphy has taught English and creative writing at Atlantic City High School for the past 25 years, many of his students having been recognized for their wordsmanship. In 1996 The New York Times profiled Murphy and his teaching in an article entitled “Revise, Revise, Revise!” Murphy also served as judge for the first three monthly InterBoard Poetry Competitions.

Seamus M. Murphy
Treat yourself to beautifully crafted poetry by Seamus M. Murphy, American Poet, like “Adagio,” from his book Apropos of Nothing (Save Desire).

Mutabaruka’s home page: driftin’ through the streets of New Yawk barefoot poetry spoutin’ the shout -- top of the dub poetz, the finer line....

Eileen Myles
Eileen Myles: the Last of the New York School. Clear humor, universal lesbian, Presidential candidate, a Kennedy, a gungho performer, a slashing academic, unbowed. Hear her read “Sleepless” & “On the Death of Robert Lowell” at Salon Audio/Mp3Lit.

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