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O, Mary Oliver to Amy Ouzoonian

Mary Oliver
Her work is much beloved & you will find it quoted in sermons, quotation collections & Web pages everywhere -- see “Wild Geese,” A Visitor,” “Mockingbirds,” “The Journey,” “Climbing the Chagrin River” & “The Swan,” all at Modern American Poetry.

Mary Oliver
Oliver is also known for her Poetry Handbook, called “the best brief introduction to the basics” by R.T. Smith in “O Body Swayed To Music,” his essay sequence for Poetry Daily.

Mary Oliver
Smith College’s Poetry Center has a profile, photograph & three of Oliver’s poems, and there are six poems in the collection at Modern American Poetry: “Wild Geese,” “A Visitor,” “Mockingbirds,” “The Journey,” “Climbing the Chagrin River” and “The Swan.”

Eirik Ott
Eirik Ott, aka Big Poppa E, was a member of the San Francisco Slam Team that tied for the championship at the 1999 National Poetry Slam, & is most famous for his “Wussy Boy Manifesto.”

Amy Ouzoonian
Amy “Uzi” Ouzoonian is co-guerrilla poetique, spent the summer of 1998 touring with Brett Axel and edited the 1999 anthology Skyscrapers, Taxis, and Tampons (Fly By Night Press) and the 2005 anthology In the Arms of Words.

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