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P, Michael Palmer to Robert Priest

Michael Palmer
A chancellor of the Academy of American Poets, Michael Palmer has published numerous books of poetry. A comprehensive bio and collected criticism of his work are at the Modern American Poetry site, and the Poetry Foundation site has a large collection of his poems.

Frank Parker
Parker is an avid hiker and outdoorsman (interests only exceeded by his love of jazz), & is recognized on the Net as “an influential & innovative minimalist poet.” His work can be found together with a collection of other poets at Frank’s Home.

Silvia Brandon Pérez
Silvia Brandon Pérez is a multi-lingual editor, author, mother, lawyer, who was born in Havana, Cuba in 1949. She edits the Spanish edition of Poems Niederngasse and has poems published all over the Web in both Spanish and English in such zines as The 2River View & Conspire.

Jason Pettus
Jason Pettus was a smash star controversy smokin’ word poet at the National Poetry Slam years ago. He was the Gadfly Punk of Chicago. He’s a traveling poetry troubadour and he’s posted reports from the road in the ongoing journal at his own site.

Marge Piercy
Marge Piercy’s novels & poems are deeply rooted in her life, where the political & the personal come together, as they do in her Web site, which offers poems, interviews, a complete bibliography & a current schedule of her readings & workshops.

Pedro Pietri
Poet & playwright “The Reverend” Pedro Pietri was born in Puerto Rico, grew up in Harlem, was drafted to Vietnam in the 1960s, helped foster the beginnings of the legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe in the 1970s, became “a fixture on the streets of Nueva York” and “a prominent Nuyorican poet” & died in 2004.

Pedro Pietri
Democracy Now has RealVideo recordings of Pietri reading in 1968 & Juan Gonzalez reading Pietri’s best known poem, “Puerto Rican Obituary.”

Robert Pinsky
Robert Pinsky -- poet, critic, sax player & translator of Dante -- served as U.S. Poet Laureate for an unprecedented three terms from 1997 to 2000 & was instigator of the Favorite Poem Project.

Robert Pinsky
Former Poet Laureate Pinsky was interviewed in The Cortland Review in 1998, and his poem “On ‘Eve Tempted by the Serpent’ by Defendente Ferrari, and in Memory of Congresswoman Barbara Jordan of Texas” is in Salon’s “Poetry for the Rest of Us” anthology.

Georgia Popoff
Georgia Popoff has competed in poetry slams since their beginnings in upstate New York & was a member of the 1994, 1995 & 1996 Syracuse Poetry Slam Teams. She has travelled the U.S. & internationally, giving readings & workshops, & her first book is Coaxing Nectar From Longing (Hale Mary Press, 1997).

Robert Priest
Canadian poet/rocker/songwriter Robert Priest’s Web site has text selections from his books, The Time Release Poems & Resurrection from the Cartoon, audio cuts from his 1999 CD, Tongue’n’Groove, & a lots of performance videos under the heading “Poempainter.”

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