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R, Raindog to Jerome Rothenberg

Raindog (R.D. Armstrong)
Raindog says he is “doing graduate work in the School of Hard Knocks” and fixes things for a living. He’s the editor of Lummox Journal, an energetic and entertaining LA zine stuffed with reviews, interviews, articles and poems.

Alan Reade
American Language, San Francisco poet/performance artist Alan Reade’s online “book” of performance texts, photos, notes, has everything but the sound of his voice. We nominate “Lazarus” best poem in the book.

Lou Reed
The Poet Laureate of rock’n’roll gives a taste of what a poet’s Web page can do (hats off to Timothy Greenfield-Sanders).

Alan Reynolds
Reynolds is an American living abroad who has the wonderful happenstance of his poems being recorded and read by someone else. Read his poem “Deathless” at A Little Poetry.

Adrienne Rich
Citizen of Poetry, she mapped the continent we make poems on. Some landmarks: “Calle Visión” at Agni, “Diving Into the Wreck,” “Miracle Ice Cream” & “The Art of Translation” in audio at AAP, her statement on “Why I Refused the National Medal for the Arts” & a gathering of resources & commentary at Modern American Poetry.

The Rogue Scholars
The Rogue Scholars are the baddest new poets in New York & their Web site will zing ya with Rogue-poems & guest-poems. We need more Rogue Scholars!

Judith Roitman
Start with a poet, I always say. Judith Roitman is that, poet, and she is willing to say it, that she is an experimental poet with ties in The Language School. (Dr. Roitman teaches math at the University of Kansas in her spare time).

Wendy Rose
Wendy Rose’s poem “Itch Like Crazy: Resistance” was among the first posted at the Poetry Project at St. Mark’s site when it returned to the Net in the fall of 1999 after a summer lightning strike fried its modems.

Jerome Rothenberg
Jerry Rothenberg: Inventor of “total translation,” accounting for every element in the original language, including the “meaningless” vocables, word distortions & redundancies. His involvement with American Indian poetry & ritual led to Shaking the Pumpkin: Traditional Poetry of the Indian North Americas (1972). Great performer/poet/translator/anthologist: “He saved us 20 years” -- Allen Ginsberg.

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