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S, Sal Salasin to Everton Sylvester

Sal Salasin
Editor & publisher of RealPoetik, Net-po pioneer & the truest cynic I’ve ever met, Sal Salasin is all over the Net: his poems are at $lavery 1.1, The Blue Penny Quarterly #8, Grist Online #6 & deluxe rubber chicken #2, to name but a few.

Ed Sanders
Author of 1968: A History in Verse, poet, scholar, Fug & creator of Investigative Poetics... Ed Sanders is everybody’s favorite interview subject, from Lisa Jarnot at the Poetry Project to Kevin Ring at Beat Scene. Then read his manifesto at the Museum of American Poetics & get it from the horse’s mouth.

Christy Sheffield Sanford
There is lots of interesting work at Christy Sheffield Sanford’s site -- start at “Ocean Crossing: Nancy Cunard” & you’ll find an essay/biography/poem/multimedia Web collage that is both fascinating & lovely. More recently, she curated the “My” Millennium Web-word-art collection on “matters calendrical” at trAce.

Vijay Seshadri
Winner of the 2003 James Laughlin Award from AAP for his second book, The Long Meadow, Vijay Seshadri writes poems that are both deep & funny, crossing from life to death & back, like “Survivor” & “Lifeline.”

Ntozake Shange
The queen of soul-performance poetry & former Heavyweight Champ has got her very own space in bon vibre’s Phat African American Poetry Book, & she rocks the room!

Labi Siffre
British poet Labi Siffre offers passionate, angry, lovely poetry on his Web site, where he has recently hooked up with zay zoss to create word art, poems both still & moving that dance across your screen.

Eleni Sikelianos
Eleni Sikelianos is a poet of statement rather than song, an experimentalist (two Gertrude Stein awards for innovative writing) rather than a troubadour (although she has spent a good deal of her life wandering in Europe & Africa). She is on the faculty of the Naropa Writing Program & has two new books: The California Poem (Coffee House Press) & The Book of Jon (City Lights).

Makeda Silvera
Makeda Silvera is the co-founder (with Stephanie Martin) and managing editor of Sister Vision: Black Women and Women of Colour Press (1985). Jamaica-born, she's been in Canada since 1967 & we love her.

Hal Sirowitz
To find out how to solve the infernal problem of what to get your Mama for Mother’s Day, take a break with Hal, the author of 1996’s bestselling book of poetry, Mother Said.

Skip Largent is both Web artist & poet -- his latest project is known as Ziusudra - Ark 4, building an ark of artforms for “the coming 4th Great Flood,” and “Everybody from A-nthropologists to Z-oologists” is invited to participate.

Floyd Skloot
Floyd Skloot has a wonderful book of poems called Music Appreciation (University Press of Florida, 1994) & poems online in The New Criterion & Atlantic Monthly.

Marc Smith
“Slampapi” Marc Smith has materialized on the Net with his own site, and you can read his poem “Underdog” (“I’m for the little guy...”) at The United States of Poetry.

Patricia Smith
Her crossover to a successful journalism career belies the myth of slammers as shallow bad writers: her battle (poetry vs. piping) at the Boston Globe is the stuff of myth. She writes for Ms now. Dr. Slam, Julie Schmid, & Mr. e-poets.net, Kurt Heintz, have both written a lot on Patricia.

Patricia Smith
Patricia Smith defines Slam poetry as an aesthetic, not a vaudeville. Her early years battling Lisa Buscani for the trophy at National Slams in Chicago, Boston & San Francisco are the most extraordinary slams of all times. Kurt Heintz, leading man of e-poets.net, gave her the top slot in his Book of Voices: beautiful intro and new poetry.

Gary Snyder
Pacific, activist, philosopher, student, contemplative, Buddhist, Beat, seaman, poet of “tough simplicity” honoring the natural world & the history of the West... Gary Snyder is all these & more.

Sister Spit
What do you get when you round up a dozen “shameless big-mouthed girls with a mission,” pile ’em into a couple of vans & hit the road? Sister Spit -- that’s what! Sparked by Michele Tea & Sini Anderson, & including such dynamic performers as Beth Lisick, Eileen Myles & Marci Blackman, their “Ramblin’ Road Show” tours won’t be soon forgotten.

Brian Kim Stefans
One of the textual experimenters starring at Ubuweb Contemporary, Stefans is the man behind Arras, devoted to “new media poetry and poetics.” You can also read his work at CrossConnect and at Jacket (under the pseudonym Roger Pellett).

Stephanie Strickland
What have we hear! Sweet and jiggy, Stephanie Strickland’s cyberpoem “Sand and Soot” is hot buttered hopscotch, a love askance. Ms. Strickland is a true Web pioneer, and we are megafans! Also read her hypertext essay in ebr7, “Seven League Boots: Poetry, Science, and Hypertext,” & check out her hypertext disk, True North.

Sekou Sundiata
Sekou Sundiata, poet of “Rhythm & News,” is the creator of two of our favorite CDs, The Blue Oneness of Dreams & longstoryshort, and a one-man show, Blessing the Boats. His 2003 interview with Afrikana is thoughtful & inspiring.

Robert Sward
Sward is the author of Three Dogs and a Parrot, A Much-Married Man, A Novel, the multimedia piece “Earthquake Collage” & editor of the literary e-zine Pares cum paribus. He served as judge for the InterBoard Poetry Competition from November 2000 to April 2001.

Todd Swift
International poetry activist Todd Swift co-edited Poetry Nation and Short Fuse, anthologies of “worldwide fusion poetry.” His own books are Budavox, Cafe Alibi & Rue du Regard.

Everton Sylvester
Dub poet Everton Sylvester’s poem “Dilly Dally” was featured in The United States of Poetry. He was a founder of the Green Card Poets & is one of the Brooklyn Funk Essentials.

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