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T, James Tate to John Trudell

James Tate
Tate is like an easy Ashbery, fun and serious at the same time. He writes poems like “The Wrong Way Home” & “Days of Pie and Coffee,” and his book Worshipful Company of Fletchers (HarperCollins, 1995) won the National Book Award.

Mike Topp
We love this guy. He rewrites Robert Frost, corresponds hilariously with Sparrow, makes us laugh in Big Bridge, Vol. 2 & Vol. 3, & is part of the Realpoetik pantheon.

Edwin Torres
Torres has fun with Flash in his brainlingo. He was featured in a live Webcast from Penn prof Al Filreis’ online Contemporary American Poetry course, where two of his poems, “All Colors Not White” & “A Wutherance of E” are archived in RealAudio.

Juliette Torrez
Juliette Torrez was the instigator of the inimitable Poetry Channel & Information Network, predecessor to our own Museletter. We will know poetry is the world when we know Juliette for her poems themselves, and not for the Sea of Good she breathes out to let poetry fly upon.

Cheryl “Cat” Townsend
Cat Townsend is a photographer, artist & poet of emerging talent. Her work appears online in Thunder Sandwich.

Tomas Tranströmer
Tranströmer is a distinguished Swedish poet -- his work isn’t easy but it’s worth the effort and worth a read. Four of his poems in the original Swedish, with English translations by Malena Mörling, are in The Electronic Poetry Review, Issue 1, and his AAP page has three poems in English translations by Robert Bly.

Natasha Trethewey
A biographical profile of Southern poet-historian Natasha Tretheway, whose poems illuminate the lives of hitherto unknown or forgotten people, and who was appointed Poet Laureate of the U.S. and Poet Laureate of the State of Mississippi in 2012.

Quincy Troupe
Son of a great baseball player in the Negro Leagues, biographer of Miles Davis & former World Heavyweight Poetry Champ at the Taos Poetry Circus, Quincy Troupe’s work is represented on the Net by “Snake-Back Solo #2” & other poems in Asili, Joseph McNair’s “Journal of Multicultural Heartspeak” (in Acrobat PDF format).

Quincy Troupe
The Sacramento Poetry Center, sponsor of California’s Poet Laureate program, posted pictures and an interview when Troupe was named the first California laureate (and before he resigned).

Quincy Troupe
After the credentials flat which resulted in his ouster from the California poet laureateship, AAP posted a page on Quincy Troupe. DIA’s Readings in Contemporary Poetry has Troupe’s poem for Sam Hamill & a brief bio.

John Trudell
With the 2000 release of his CD Blue Indians, Trudell reminded us that the revolutionary’s work is everongoing. His live gigs are bristling rants; no one synthesizes the at-odds plurality of worlds we live in into a calm, directed, smart passionate trail as he does: his eulogy to enviroactivist Judi Barr, his person-to-person epistle to Prez Clinton.

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