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General Poetry References and Resources

Links to national poetry organizations, archives and general online information resources on poetry.

The Academy of American Poets
The largest and one of the oldest organizations in the country dedicated specifically to the art of poetry, the Academy sponsors lots of awards & prizes, readings & residencies, and National Poetry Month every April. Their ever-growing Find a Poet archive is the first place to look for information on American poets.

The American Poetry Archives
Looking for poets in all the wrong places? If you're interested in documentaries of readings on videotape, the massive archive at San Francisco State's Poetry Center is a great place to start. A superfast search of their catalogue, and some marvelous readings at the other end, or, eden. Tip a hat to Laura Moriarty & Jewelle Gomez, who shepherded the APArchives online, and to current staff Steve Dickison & David Booth while we're hat it.

Electronic Poetry Center (University of Buffalo)
L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Poetry Grand Central, the Buffalo Poetics site is full of delirious theory and dizzying utopics. Have at it, and see if you can follow the critical path that results in a Ph.D. by threading your way to a “poem.”

eMule Poetry Archives
eMule boasts a giant & growing archive of “classical” poems by mostly pre-1900 English poets, but including some Americans (Poe & Dickinson), Chinese (Tu Fu), Russians (Pushkin) & even classical Greek (Homer & Sappho), too.

Glossary of Poetic Terms
Robert G. Shubinski, creator of Bob’s Byway, offers an extensive cross-referenced dictionary of poetry lingo.

MAPS, Modern American Poetry
MAPS is the “multimedia companion” to the brand-new Oxford Anthology of Modern American Poetry. This expanding & expansive site developed by Cary Nelson includes libraries of commentaries on contemporary poets & even individual poems, like e.e. cummings' “In Just---.”

National Poetry Association
Herman Berlandt initiated the Poetry Film Workshop and its annual festival in San Francisco 21 years ago & 9 years later he brought to reality his dream of a National Poetry Week multidisciplinary festival. Now the NPA carries on with Literary Television, Mother Earth international journal, Poetry: USA morphed from newsprint tabloid to Webzine, the Cin(E)-Poetry Festival & SF Slams.

Online Rhyming Dictionary
WriteExpress would like to sell you the CD version of their rhyming dictionary, but will let you use their online rhymer free. Bookmark this page for the next time you are stumped for the right rhyme: end rhymes, beginning rhymes, double or triple rhymes are all here.

The Poetry Kit
Ted Slade's Poetry Kit (Surrey, UK) is regularly updated with interviews, articles, poems & lots of listings of events, competitions, workshops & other goings-on in the poetry world.

Poetry Readings Listings on Geocities
The Poetry Poll page in Geocities Athens/Acropolis neighborhood offers this listing of readings, including big-name poets' tour dates, worldwide poetry festivals, & open readings in the U.S. & Canada.

The Poetry Resource
Patrick Martin's Poetry Resource is an extensive, indexed collection of links to poetry organizations, collections, publishers & poets, including Poetry Around the World, a new collection of local sites covering English-language poetry everywhere.

Poetry Society of America
PSA's new site covers membership & awards info, a calendar of PSA-sponsored events, the Poetry in Motion program, selections from their biannual journal and links to both “recommended” and “interesting” sites.

Poetry Society of Britain
The Poetry Society has been helping “poets and poetry thrive in Britain today” since 1909. On their site you can find current British poetry news, “taster poems & articles” from their Poetry Review, info on their annual national poetry competition & more.

Poetry WebRing
You can travel along this ring of 1700 linked poetry Web pages by ones or fives using the Webring link at the bottom of each page, or use the Webring search facility to find specific topics or keywords on the Poetry WebRing.

Poets & Writers, Inc. Home Page
Three cheers! Poets & Writers has put their Directory of American Poets & Fiction Writers up on their Web site with search capabilities. You can find lots of other useful info on their home page, too -- award deadlines, submission guidelines, the contents of Poets & Writers magazine, and Speakeasy, an online forum about various literary topics.

Visual Thesaurus
The Visual Thesaurus offers the same browsing pleasures as Roget’s, but rather than flipping pages to follow the trails of related words, you watch the words dance on your screen & explore the branching linguistic paths by clicking. (This is a commercial site, intended to sell subscriptions, but you can try out the online edition for free.)

Be a linguaphile -- subscribe to Anu Garg's A.Word.A.Day & you'll get a new word in your emailbox 7 days a week, complete with audio pronunciation, definition, etymology & referenced quote in context. For the Web-impaired who need email access to word-type references, the Wordserver also provides Dictionary/by/Mail, Thesaurus/by/Mail, Acronym/by/Mail, & Anagram/by/Mail.

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