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Haiku, Senryu, Tanka links

From Haiku Headlines of the Day to the Spam Haiku Archive, these shortest but most flexible & evocative poetic forms are a powerful presence on the Web.

Haiku defined, in our glossary of poetic forms.

About Poetry Forum Haiku Folder
The poets in our Forum are carrying on quite pithy conversations in the form of exchanged haiku and tanka.

AHA! Poetry Haiku page
Jane Reichhold’s AHA! Poetry site has this treasure-trove of articles about haiku-writing, like “Haiku Rules That Have Come and Gone” & “Another Attempt To Define Haiku,” essays on the haiku-masters & samples from her own collections & her translations of Basho.

AHA! Poetry Tanka Page
Like the haiku page, Jane Reichhold's tanka page is stocked with goodies: essays like “Tanka for the Memory” on tanka's historical use for secret messages between lovers, book reviews, winners from the Tanka Splendor contest, & a good, brief reading list.

Airless Suburban Haiku
“A cynical celebration of conspicuous consumption in haiku form” contributed by visitors to Bela Selendy's Poetry Free-for-All.

The Art of Haiku Poetry
Haiku has made its way from Japanese into other Western languages besides English, as evidenced on Rodrigo de Almeida Siqueira’s haiku pages, where you can read about the special Brazilian form of haiku & the annual Brazilian haiku contest.

David Coyote’s Den
The photo galleries at David Coyote’s Den are stocked with landscape and still life photographs, beautifully reproduced and most accompanied by a haiku caption.

Fragmented Light
Fragmented Light is Bridget Rose Duquette’s collection of “haiku, senryu, rensaku and poetry of the moment,” grouped by topics such as nature, love, holidays, and soul & spirit. Little prisms.

The Genuine Haiku Generator
Bela Selendy says his Javascript haiku generator, subtitled “100 Trillion Haiku,” will actually make “about 7.62e+39 different Haiku poems” using completely random combinations of words. Be sure to bookmark your favorites or send them in a haiku e-postcard before you click the New Haiku button -- they may not return in your lifetime.

HAIGA Online
HAIGA Online is a journal of painting & haiku poetry inspired by the Japanese form of poem-painting which combines them, haiga. Each issue includes a series of quite beautiful haiga both traditional & experimental, “interactive” haiga with hidden poems you find by clicking & paintings for which you are asked to write poems.

Haiku Circus
Ken Sakamoto’s Haiku Circus was a weekly haiku comic strip that appeared in lots of college newspapers—whimsical and varied, each sticking to the 5-7-5 syllable scheme, but often not akin to traditional haiku in theme or feeling.

Haiku Hut
Among the many resources for haiku writers & artists at Haiku Hut are Short Stuff, a wide-ranging journal of short form poetry published both online & in print, and PhotoHaiku.Net, a collection of haiku combined with photographic images.

“Haiku for People!”
Kei Grieg Toyomasu’s Haiku for People! page includes a brief historical introduction to the form, selections from the classical Japanese masters, including Basho and Issa, as well as a number of contemporary haiku “written by People!”

Haiku North America
Haiku North America is a biannual conference & celebration of haiku -- “one of the largest gatherings of haiku poets in the United States and Canada... a long weekend full of papers, panels, workshops, readings, performances, book sales, and much socialization with fellow poets, translators, scholars, editors, and publishers.”

Haiku Spirit
Haiku Spirit is an online incarnation of the journal published by the Dublin Writers' Workshop, Ireland's oldest community of writers & its first online, with haiku, haibun, articles & reviews.

The Haiku Society of America
The HSA promotes haiku practice & appreciation in English with quarterly national meetings in various parts of the U.S. & its journal Frogpond, which is not available online.

Haiku World
Haiku World is dedicated to helping publishers, poets, and readers discover one another. It does so by gathering information on haiku magazines, haiku contests, and haiku books, and by hosting the Shiki Monthly Kukai, a peer-reviewed contest for haiku written on assigned topics.

Under the motto “putting the hai back in haiku,” Haijinx published four online issues in 2001 - 2002, then migrated to print publication, always focussing on “modern interpretations of the haikai poetic and artistic tradition, including the role of humor in haiku.”

In the host’s words, “Mountain-Home is an online community for the discussion and composition of modern waka... heart song of the Japanese people... now not bounded by language or geography... primarily expressed in the five-line form familiar to readers of contemporary tanka.” The Mountain-Home ensemble of poets from all over the world has created a Modern Waka 100 Verse Sequence.

Ogura Hyakunin Isshu, or “100 Poems By 100 Poets”
The cooperative Japanese Text Initiative from the University of Virginia & the University of Pittsbugh has produced this online version of the most famous, if not definitive, collection of classical Japanese tanka, chosen from the 7th to the 13th centuries.

Poetry in the Light
At Elizabeth St. Jacques' site you will find a large & lovely collection of haiku, haibun & renga, tanka & sijo, plus articles like Ms. St. Jacques' own “Rhythm in Haiku?

Ray Rasmussen’s Haiku site
Web designer & photographer Ray Rasmussen has worked with poets from the World Haiku Club to turn his interest in the Japanese forms of poetry into beautiful, interlinked sites for haiku & photography, haiga & his own haibun journal.

The Sea Shell Game
Fascinating reading from Jane Reichhold's AHA! Poetry site, the Sea Shell Game is an elimination contest, pairing haiku submitted by readers, each pair compared & commented on by expert judges until a winner stands alone.

The Shiki Internet Haiku Salon
There’s something for everybody here, from the most elementary beginning introduction to haiku, to essays “On making haiku,” “On ants and poets” & on “The Importance of Season-Words,” to a collection of information about Shiki Masaoka, for whom the salon is named.

Simply Haiku
Simply Haiku is a very fine journal with separately edited sections of haiku, tanka, renku, haibun, haiga in both traditional & new forms, featured interviews with haiku poets & teachers, and its own series of kukai (peer-judged competitions).

Snapshot Press
Snapshot Press out of Liverpool, England publishes haiku/senryu/tanka books, the haiku journal Snapshots, the tanka journal Tangled Hair, and the Haiku Calendar, for which 52 seasonally appropriate haiku are selected by competition each year.

SPAM Haiku Archive
What do SPAM and sex have in common? You must visit the SPAM haiku site’s sex-themed poem ventures and peruse! And if you get lost, never to return, we shall miss ye, miss ye, miss ye....

Trailer Park Haiku
The members of our Poetry Forum created this very American collection of topical haiku.

World Haiku Club
The World Haiku Club “endorses individualism, celebrates diversity and encourages international exchanges of haiku poems, viewpoints and friendship through internet discussion lists, local, regional & world events,” and its magazine, World Haiku Review.

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