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Multilingual Poetry & Translations

Translating Ginsberg’s Queer Shoulder
Something’s lost in the translation—is that the poetry? And something’s gained: the illusion that homo sapiens actually communicate—is that the illusion which results in God? These are the queries in Raymond Federman’s ‘Reflections Concerning the Translation of Poetry.’

Against All Odds — Eritrean Millennium Poems by Reesom Haile
Tigrinya poet Reesom Haile brings African poetry into the 21st century — here is a sequence of his short poems, translated into English for us by Charles Cantalupo.

The Sound of Thunder Visits Neruda’s Land
José Ignacio Silva A. reports on the American delegation of poets -- Martín Espada, Yusef Komunyakaa & Nathalie Handal, led by Rattapallax editor Ram Devineni -- who travelled to Chile this past July to celebrate Pablo Neruda’s 100th birthday and to launch the magazine in Latin America.

México son dos brazos abiertos: Notes from the “Horas de Junio”
Notes from the 9th Reunión de Escritores Hispanoamericanos, an international gathering of poets in Sonora, Mexico, by Silvia Antonia Brandon Pérez.

Annetna Nepo
Annetna Nepo publishes poems in any language, not translations -- to recreate on paper the feel of “a train-station situated in some key international town, everyone speaking their own tongue... with the constant feeling of being both at home and estranged via language.” Biannual print editions of new international poetry; monthly online bulletins of interviews & experimental poetry.

Rudy Negenborn has collected the original Latin texts & translations of the poems of this greatest of Latin lyric poets into six modern languages, including English & Estonian.

Center for Translation Studies
At the University of Texas at Dallas, the Center offers translation workshops and publishes Translation Review, and through Mundus Artium Press, a series of contemporary international poets in bilingual format.

“Core Poetics: Resisting Translation”
The syllabus and reading list for Charles Bernstein’s course will keep you deeply busy thinking about poetics and translation.

Dante’s Clickable Inferno
Carthage College’s English department offers a selection of Cantos from the Inferno in Dante's Italian or Allen Mandelbaum’s, Robert Pinsky’s, or John Ciardi’s English translations, or any two of these side-by-side, with hyperlinked notes -- worth hours of wandering! See, for instance, Canto V with Pinsky’s & Dante’s lines paired, or Canto XXXIII, comparing Pinsky’s & Ciardi’s translations.

Duration Press
Duration Press maps the multiplicitous worldwide contemporary poetry landscape in its own collection of e-books, its .pdf resource library of books published online & its online archives of poetry books published elsewhere in print.

“Editorial Dialogue: Translation and Transpoesis”
From RIF/T at the Buffalo Electronic Poetry Center site, here’s a transcript of the cyberdialogue on translation between Ernesto Livon Grosman, Loss Pequeño Glazier, and Kenneth Sherwood.

Golden Age Spanish Sonnets
Sweet Briar College Spanish Professor Alex Ingber offers a collection of 101 English verse translations of sonnets from the Golden Age of Spanish poetry (16th century) -- from such poets as Lope de Vega & Miguel de Cervantes.

Francesco Petrarch
Seth Jerchower's Petrarchan Grotto links to a biography of the Italian poet from The Catholic Encyclopedia & has a number of texts & English translations.

The Pillow Book
Filippos Marinakis has made a collection of English translations of the 10th century Japanese poems Peter Greenaway used in his film of The Pillow Book (of Sei Shonagon), backed with stills from the movie. Read, for instance, The 7th Book, “The Book of Youth”: “The cover is becoming crisp like the / hardening of wood on a young tree. Its pages / are pliable and taste a little of salt.”

Poems Niederngasse
Poems Niederngasse is actually three separately edited journals: English, Spanish (edited by Silvia Brandon Pérez) & German (edited by Michaela A. Gabriel). Each offers new poems & new poets, poets to reread, & contests for unpublished poets. Poems Niederngasse, published monthly, is the Web from which is spun the biannual print journal Niederngasse.

The SemiCento
The History of Poetry itself: not the history of footnotes and dust motes, but the vibrant, controversial and lush language of the world’s greatest writers -- from Sappho to Basho, from African chants to Nuyorican rants, The SemiCento weaves 50 lines by 50 poets in 29 languages into a poetic fugue you can dance to.

Sonnets to Orpheus
Howard Landman's translation of the 55 Sonnets to Orpheus by Rainer Maria Rilke has many lovely poems like “Erect no monument / Just let the roses / blossom” (#5) & offers links to other translations for comparison.

Translation Journal
This journal covers the range of translation topics from business to science & technology, but it also includes articles like Michael Walker's on translating Rimbaud's poetry into English.

Unquell the Dawn Now
German conceptualist poet & chief mischief maker Schuldt & the unstoppable Robert Kelly enraptured an unsuspecting populace in a dervish of poetry at the Poetry Project at St. Marks Church (NYC), with their homeophonic destruction of Friedrich Hölderlin's Am Quell der Donau. Now McPherson & Co. has published it as an exquisite Object.

The World of Poetry
A new digital anthology revealing poetry as a living art, promoting cultural exchange & tolerance through the power of the individual voice, preserving oral traditions & endangered languages.

Robert Burns and the Scots Language

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