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Napalm Health Spa
Print mag of the Museum of American Poetics, Napalm Health Spa pulls no punches, hits you with poems by poem workers like Tanya Kern, Marc Olmsted, Andy Clausen & Andrei Codrescu.

Newark Review
The Newark Review was revived by editor Christopher Funkhouser -- its first issue in a decade was dedicated to Allen Ginsberg & focused on “northern New Jersey’s fertile literary/visual arts community.” Summer 1999 issue was devoted to a single long prose-poem, “ALLAH MEAN EVERYTHING! Thus Spake Amiri Baraka”... Whenever Baraka speaks, the earth’s ear opens -- listen!

Newspoetry International
William Gillespie & friends embarked on a year-long collaborative writing project in 1999 -- a new poem every day until the year 2000 about events in the news. They invited contributions to help create “an alternative online news source where credibility is secondary to interesting writing,” & NewsPoetry kept on growing until late 2003.

North American Review
North American Review was founded in 1815, suspended publication in 1940 & was revived in Iowa in 1964. Now selections from its print publication are appearing on the Web as one of the many treasure troves housed at web del sol's massive site. Don't miss “Sonnet Waiting in Line To Hear Seamus Heaney” by Richard Robbins from Web Issue III.

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