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Online Poetry Newsletters & Mailing Lists

Make your emailbox happy -- feed it with poems & po-news from these emailers & listservs.

Poetry Channel & The Art of the Literary Gossip Column
An email interview with Juliette Torrez, editor/instigator/host of the Poetry Channel & Information Network, resident from November 1997 to March 1999 at About.com Poetry.

About Poetry Museletter
Our own weekly Museletter brings you poetry news from all over the world, links to the newest articles here at About Poetry & updates on the latest doings in the Poetry Forum.

Be a linguaphile -- subscribe to Anu Garg's A.Word.A.Day & you'll get a new word in your emailbox 7 days a week, complete with audio pronunciation, definition, etymology & referenced quote in context. For the Web-impaired who need email access to word-type references, the Wordserver also provides Dictionary/by/Mail, Thesaurus/by/Mail, Acronym/by/Mail, & Anagram/by/Mail.

Buffalo Poetics List
Founded by Charles Bernstein in 1994, the Buffalo Poetics List is, like its Web parent Electronic Poetry Center, a fascinating online nexus of L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E & other experimental poetries. The email discussion is completely moderated & you must use your full real name. Complete archives are available at the SUNY Buffalo listserv site.

Creative Writers Opportunities List
CRWROPPS is a read-only list of poetry & fiction contests & calls for submissions (meaning there is no discussion -- only announcements posted by the indefatigable moderator, Allison Joseph). An invaluable service if you’re actively seeking places to submit your work for publication. You can subscribe to the email list or read it online.

MAP of Austin Poetry
Stazja McFadyen's lively weekly email newsletter stuffs your mailbox with a calendar of Austin readings, a featured poem or two, chapbook & CD announcements, calls for submissions & po-news from all over. Email to subscribe or read MAP online at its Yahoo groups home.

NewPoetry List
To fill the void after CAP-L fell silent, “contributing correspondents” (having promised to post once a week “for the good of the list”) James Finnegan, David Graham, Gray Jacobik & Tad Richards founded NewPoetry, an unmoderated email discussion list for news & opinion relating to contemporary poetry.

Poem of the Day
The best Poem of the Day online is dished up by Anastasios Kozaitis, one of the original editors of Compost and a fine poet in his own write. Stash’s daily poems take a true world view, are hand-typed, and are complete with bios with attitudes.

Poetryetc Mailing List
Founded by Australian poet John Kinsella, this lively international poetry discussion group is now owned by Joseph Duemer & Anny Ballardini.

RealPoetik List
Sal Salasin’s RealPoetik (note: with a “K”) constantly charges our batteries. Now edited by Kirby Olson, RealPoetik sends a couple of poems every week and tosses them all up on the RealPoetikWeb site. Check it out -- subscribe by sending email with the single line of text reading: “subscribe RealPoetik Your Real Name ” and you’ll get 3 or so postings per week.

WOMPO, Women’s Poetry Discussion Listserv
Annie Finch founded WOMPO in 1997 and it’s still going strong, “devoted to discussion of women poets of all periods and languages, and their poetic and critical works.”

Writers List (MIT)
Mike Barker, otherwise known as “tink,” runs this subscription listserv -- perfect for those who want to participate in a wide-ranging Internet conversation about writing via text email rather than graphics-intensive Web pages. Or use the Web version of exercises contributed by members of the list as your own private self-service workshop.

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