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Poetry Journals & Reviews

American Poet Greats Lecture Series
The Museum of American Poetics sponsors “monthly talks by poets speaking about the lives and works of other poets or poetry movements they feel passionately about or influenced by in their own writing visions” & makes selected lectures available in streaming RealVideo: see Thomas Peters on Kerouac, Sue Rhynhart on Frank O’Hara, Jim Cohn on Paul Blackburn, Kayanne Pickens-Solem on Patti Smith...

American Poetry Review
American Poetry Review has been publishing lots of poetry, translations, critical & craft essays in newsprint tabloid format for nearly 30 years. Based in Philadelphia, it is nonetheless national & even international in scope, offering a broad sampling of mainstream & not-so-mainstream poetry, with selected samples available at its Web site.

Contemporary Poetry Review
Founded in 1998, the Contemporary Poetry Review is an online-only journal devoted to poetry criticism. They do not publish poems, but seek to encourage critical writing that is “clear, spacious, and free of academic jargon and politics” and “to provide a practical and non-sectarian view of the art.”

Foley’s Books
Jack Foley’s column in The Alsop Review offers his wise and witty reviews of old and new poetry books and musings on poetic topics like “Bob Dylan and Rhyme.”

Independent Reviews Site
Carlye Archibeque’s Independent Reviews Site has book, music & movie reviews focusing especially on indie productions of all sorts, with featured artist interviews & a variety of small-print good reads to spark your literary discoveries.

Jeffers Studies
Dedicated to scholarship about the California poet Robinson Jeffers.

Keats-Shelley Journal
The Keats-Shelley Journal’s online site offers information about the Keats-Shelley Association of America, an extensive bibliography, & tables of contents but not the actual articles from the print journal.

The Kenyon Review
The Kenyon Review, well respected lit mag founded by John Crowe Ransom at Kenyon College, posts selections from each new issue online & welcomes donations to help fund its online archives.

Lucid Moon Book Reviews
Ralph Haselmann, Jr. collects chapbooks & other indie press poetry offerings, sends out an email newsletter of brief reviews, & archives the reviews on his Lucid Moon Web site.

Milton Review
Published by Roy Flannagan and Kevin J.T. Creamer of the Milton-L discussion list, this is a juried review of books on John Milton.

Parnassus Poetry in Review
Parnassus has celebrated a quarter century as “America's leading journal for poetry criticism” & offers a selection of poems & essays from the 25th anniversary print edition, including founder & editor Herb Leibowitz’ genially spiky introduction, on its Web site.

Founded in 1912 by Harriet Monroe, this prestigious monthly has published just about every major USA poet in its nearly 90 years. The Web site has complete tables of contents with selected texts from its issues since April 1998, plus poems from a weekly featured poet, news announcements, & online ordering.

Victorian Poetry
Victorian Poetry is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal devoted to British and colonial poetics of the Victorian age (1830-1914), published at West Virginia University.

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