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All the poems published at About Poetry are indexed here, whether in our libraries of work by individual poets or our lists of topics and kinds of poems, or our seasonal and other themed poem collections.
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Index of Poems
Alphabetical index by poet’s name of all the poems in the library at the About Poetry Web site.

Lost Poems Come into the Light
A list of lost poems rediscovered: the precious new poems by Sappho found on a tattered papyrus mummy casing... Shelley's anonymously published pamphlet that surfaced after 200 years only to be sold into oblivion... a new addition to the Shakespeare canon... a war poem by Robert Frost handwritten and hidden away... and more.

Presidential Inauguration Poems
The surprisingly short history of poems made part of the ceremony of swearing in the American President: Robert Frost in 1961, Maya Angelou in 1993, Miller Williams in 1997, Elizabeth Alexander in 2008 and Richard Blanco in 2013.

Baseball Poems
Baseball is the most literary of sports, bursting with metaphor, image and rhythm, and poets have long recognized the symbolic parallels between a baseball game and the ground of daily life from which their poems sprout. Here are 11 great baseball poems, selected for reading while youre watching a game.

Poems of Sailing and the Sea - Readers Share Their Choices of Sea Poems
Tell us about your favorite poem inspired by mariners, the sailing life or the sea—if it’s a classic, we may add it to our collection.

Poems for Weddings
Readers share their choices of poems to be part of a wedding ceremony.

Favorite Love Poems
Readers share their favorite love poems, the poems of love that have touched their hearts most deeply.

When and Where I Like to Read Poems
Readers share their favorite places and times to read poetry.

Classic Poems Set to Music
Since there have been poems, composers and songwriters have set them to music. Here is a selection of online recordings of classic poems set to music, old poems made into new songs.

Classic Poems Everyone Should Know
Poetry Guide Margy Snyder’s list of essential classics everyone should know—old poems that form the tradition of the English language, linger in the memory of English speakers and shape our thoughts.

11 Poems Everyone Should Know
Poetry Guide Bob Holman’s list of 11 essential poems everyone should know—these are talisman poems, crucial revelations in his journey of exploration in the world of poetry.

Poems Everyone Should Know - Reader Choices
Readers share the poems they think everyone should know, each choosing the one classic poem most important to them ersonally.

Favorite Baseball Poems - Readers Share Their Choices of Favorite Baseball Poems
Share your favorite baseball poem, the poem that best captures the magic of the game or most brilliantly illuminates life in the light of baseball.

Wm. Blake & 3 Li’l Voids
A close reading of the greatest sentence of them all... a Valentine’s Day meditation by Bob Holman, to be read in the context of William Blake’s poem “The Clod and the Pebble” (from Songs of Experience, 1794).

O Father Abraham!
Anticipating the rising tide of the civil rights movement, Plutzik’s poem addresses an impassioned plea to the martyred President on behalf of racial justice and the dignity of all Americans.

Warrior's Word-Hoard: A Guide to the Anglo-Saxon epic poem, Beowulf
Notes on context, form and content, commentary and quotations on the anonymous Anglo-Saxon epic poem, Beowulf (manuscript c. 1010).

Allen Ginsberg’s American Sentences
An introduction to Allen Ginsberg’s variation on haiku, The American Sentences: “One sentence, 17 syllables, end of story. It makes for a rush of a poem....”

Finding Gravitas (Origins of a Poem)
Michael Warr recalls the commission, conception & making of the praise poem he wrote in memory of his mentor, Fred Fine (1914 - 2004): "Gravitas."

Archive of IBPC winners
Winning poems chosen by the rotating judges in the monthly InterBoard Poetry Competition.

Archive of IBPC entries
The poems chosen to represent our About Poetry Forum in the monthly InterBoard Poetry Competition.

Poetry of Sport - Reader Choices
Share your suggestions of classic poems on the themes of athletic competitions and sports, to be added to our Poetry of Sport anthology.

How To Read a Poem
Just because it carries the name poetry, just because it s supposed to be denser and more difficult than ordinary prose, just because it s constructed with special poetic tricks, a poem can be intimidating to the reader who approaches it. Here are a few approaches and attitudes to keep in mind when you come to read a new poem.

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