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Winter: 10 degrees
by Barbara Novack
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Glistening ice sugar coats
brown winter leaves
in the January sun

pale yellow
weak tea in this world
that craves warmth
bundled in wool
hats, coats, scarves
gloves and mittens,
feet crunching in
fleece-lined boots.

Icicles shimmer
from roof edges
where gutters glimmer
as cotton candy snow
in wind-whipped swirls.

This is the season
for photographs
on warm sand beaches, bikini-clad,
for gem-toned umbrella-shaded drinks.
This is the season
for gazing out
breathing longing hazes
on frosted panes.

©2011, Barbara Novack

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Barbara Novack is Writer-in-Residence at Molloy College, Rockville Centre, New York, where she is also a member of the English department.
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