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Poetics / Poetry Tools / Poetry Criticism

Look here for our articles on poetics, poetry schools and techniques, poetic analysis and criticism, plus links to online tools for poets, lit crit journals and essays on poetry.
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A Poet’s Ideal Library
Categorized lists of the books a poet should own, essentials and oddities, compiled by Jim Finnegan from titles suggested by the poets on the NewPoetry email discussion list.

Orality & Literacy: The Technologizing of the Word
Bob Holman reviews Walter J. Ong's analysis of the oral tradition and how writing changed human society and consciousness: Orality & Literacy: The Technologizing of the Word (Routledge, 1988) -- 'The perfect gift for the grapholect in your life.'

HipHop, Performance Poetry, Spoken Word, Slam
Definitions of 'open mic,' 'poetry slam,' 'spoken word,' 'performance poetry,' 'poetry,' 'hiphop' & 'rap' from Eman, 16-year-old poet & host of two weekly open mics. 'If you’re looking for the definitions of the New Poetry, she’s the one to ask.'

Robert Pinsky’s The Sounds of Poetry
A review of Pinsky’s primer by Bob Holman: “What’s important is... the book’s dedication to poetry as a spoken art.”

Books on poetry, poetic traditions, writing, performance & poetics
When you want to think about poetry's place in human culture & history, or you want to write some poetry of your own & know what you are doing, you'll find useful starting points & rich ideas in these books about poetry recommended by your guides.

Index of Poetics Articles
An index of previous About Poetry feature articles on poetics, poetic forms, poetry schools, principles & techniques.

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