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Be a poet, make poetry: Here are tools for poets, our reviews of CDs and books on poetics, directories of poetry workshops and festivals, articles on submitting poems for publication, notes on entering poems in competition and poetry award scams, how to organize and promote poetry readings, features on multimedia (audio and video) poetry, interviews with small press publishers, and articles on performance poetry, spoken word, hip hop, open mikes, and poetry slam.
  1. Poetry Contests and Awards
  2. Poetry Publishers
  3. Poetry Readings
  1. Tools for Poets
  2. Performance Poetry/Spoken Word
  3. Multimedia Poetry

Poetry Contests and Awards

Our articles on submitting your work in competition and the dangers of poetry award scams, plus links to poetry contests for book and chapbook publication.

Poetry Publishers

Our directories of poetry publishers and online poetry journals, interviews with small press publishers, articles on submitting your poems for print publication and putting together a book or chapbook manuscript.

Poetry Readings

Our reviews and on-scene reports from poetry readings, slam competitions, festivals and conferences, plus how-tos pertaining to putting on poetry readings and giving readings of your own work.

Tools for Poets

Shopping lists, links and reviews of poetry journals, dictionaries, books on poetics, writing manuals, workshops and other tools of the craft.

Performance Poetry/Spoken Word

Our archived articles on performance poetry, spoken word, hip hop, open mikes, and poetry slam.

Multimedia Poetry

Poetry in media beyond the printed page: poetry recordings, poetry video, poetry films, poetry podcasts.

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