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Poetry is both a worldwide phenomenon and a specifically local art. Look here for poets and poems in the life of the larger world, poetic activities in particular places, local poetry calendars and organizations, and multilingual poetry and translation.
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Giving a Reading
Poets share the their most memorable experiences giving readings of their poetry.

Baseball in Poetry, Poetry in Baseball
Baseball is the most literary of sports—the game is bursting with metaphor, image and rhythm, and there are lots of places where you can find baseball in poems, and locate the poetry in baseball.

Dylan Thomas Walking Tour of Greenwich Village, New York
A self-guided walking tour of ten places in Greenwich Village that are connected with the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, who visited and stayed in New York City while on four reading tours of North America between 1950 and 1953, written by Peter Thabit Jones and Aeronwy Thomas, daughter of Dylan Thomas. The tour begins at the Church of St. Luke’s in the Field, where his memorial service was held after he died suddenly in New York in 1953.

McLean Hospital: Poetry on the Psychiatric Ward
Doug Holder’s notes from 10 years of working with psychiatric patients in poetry groups at McLean Hospital in Massachusetts.

Ngoma: Entering the Dreamtime with Music and Poetry
Music and poetry are sister arts, or brother arts... however you say it, they belong together. Here Ngoma, master of words and music, brings a poem of the didgeridoo, whose deep droning earthy sound, "Primordial Subterranean Funk," is a world-connection.

México son dos brazos abiertos
Notes from the 9th Reunión de Escritores Hispanoamericanos in Sonora, Mexico in 2004, by Silvia Antonia Brandon Pérez

Congito & Canaricita, Two Letters from Mexico
Two correos electronicos (emails) from poet Sal Salasin, who writes from Guadalajara, Mexico where he is studying Spanish for his work as a labor organizer, “which in the US requires you to be either a lawyer, a woman, or a speaker of Spanish. Since I didn’t speak a word of Spanish, I decided to learn. Easier than becoming a lawyer or a woman.”

Guide Picks: Collections of Love Poems
Anthologies & single poet collections of love poetry, classic & contemporary, from ancient & modern cultures all over the world, selected by your guides.

Ten Thousand Lives (Maninbo)
Poetry Guide Margery Snyder introduces Ten Thousand Lives (selections from the first 10 volumes of Maninbo) by Ko Un, translated from Korean to English by Brother Anthony of Taizé, Young-moo Kim & Gary Gach, with an introduction by Robert Hass (Kobenhavn & Los Angeles: Green Integer Books, 2005).

Books & CDs from the Canadian Summit Poets, 2005
New books & CDs recommended by Bob Holman, gathered from the poets attending the summer 2005 Canadian Spoken Word Summit in Calgary & Banff.

The Dream of the World of Poetry
Remarks by Bob Holman at the XXth Biennale Internationale de la Poésie: 'Poets of the World, Rewrite! I mean, Unite! I take off my hat to you. I come to you, hat in hand, a big hat of words. I will see you in your dreams.'

The Sound of Thunder Visits Neruda’s Land
José Ignacio Silva A. reports on the American delegation of poets -- Martín Espada, Yusef Komunyakaa & Nathalie Handal, led by Rattapallax editor Ram Devineni -- who travelled to Chile this past July to celebrate Pablo Neruda’s 100th birthday and to launch the magazine in Latin America.

México son dos brazos abiertos: Notes from the “Horas de Junio”
Notes from the 9th Reunión de Escritores Hispanoamericanos, an international gathering of poets in Sonora, Mexico, by Silvia Antonia Brandon Pérez.

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