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Poets by Time Period / Poetry History

Here is a comprehensive historical index where poets and poetry readers can find all the poets published, profiled or interviewed here at About.com Poetry, plus articles on the lives of poets through history and selected links to the best places for further reading and research about individual poets elsewhere on the Web. If you’re seeking information on a poet whose dates you don’t know, you should look in our Poets A-Z index (below).
  1. Poets A-Z Index
  2. Classical Poets (16)
  3. Medieval Poets (16)
  4. Renaissance Poets (13)
  5. 17th Century Poets (16)
  6. 18th Century Poets (15)
  7. 19th Century Poets (44)
  8. 20th Century Poets (124)
  9. Contemporary Poets (240)

Joseph Brodsky and the American Poetry & Literacy Project
A meditation on American Nobel laureate in poetry Joseph Brodsky and his vision of spreading poetry across the country, which inspired a young man named Andy Carroll to create the American Poetry & Literacy Project.

Poets Work
Here’s a journey into the dailiness of the lives of the poets—how do we make a living? Adapted from a piece by Robert Phillips first published in The Associated Writing Programs’ Chronicle of December 1997, who granted permission.

2006: Looking Back Over the Year in Poetry
2006, Good Year, Poetry... Bob Holman shines his spotlight back across the year, from NextWave at the Brooklyn Academy of Music to YouTube, Grammy nominations, Laureates national and local, Academy Chancellors, Awards & Howl¡s 50th Birthday.

Three Generations in the 70’s: Memoir of a Chicago Po-Renaissance
Bob Holman remembers the first two generations of poets who created the Chicago Po-Renaissance of the 1970s: Paul Carroll, Andrei Codrescu, Ted Berrigan, Alice Notley, Bill Knott....

Index of Articles on Poetry History/Living the Life of a Poet
An index of previous About Poetry feature articles on poetry history & the life of poetry.

Making Poetry in a Community
Poetry Guide Bob Holman worked for the federally funded CETA Artists Project in New York City in the late 1970s and says it was that job that taught him how to make a living as a poet: “...at the time, I was embarrassed to admit I worked for the Feds; now, I look back and see the job as what turned me into a poet who makes money being a poet.”

Poets’ Work, Poets’ Jobs - How Do We Make a Living?
Poets may consider making poems their “real” work, but still have to find another way to make a living. Here poets write about their day jobs, the ways they have found to survive in the “real” world as poets.

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