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Poetry Writing Apps

iPad and Smart Phone Tools for Making Poems


iPads and smart phones carry the most new-fangled tools for poets, moving 21st century poetic life into the digital realm. Here are a few apps designed as tools for writing poems:

Poet’s Pad

Intended for both writer-poets and speaker-poets, Danté Varnado Moore’s Poet’s Pad has an integrated rhyming dictionary and thesaurus, a “unique emotion based word and phrase generator,” editing and word processing functions, and a digital audio recorder for poets who would rather speak than write. Written originally for the iPad, it’s now also available for iPhones.

Verses Notebook + Book of Rhymes

Derek Kepner’s Verses app has fewer bells and whistles than Poet’s Pad, but it’s also one tenth the price in the iTunes store, and it makes it simple to note down your poem and line ideas, offering rhyming words on the spot.


Its title might have unfortunate echoes, but this newer iPhone/iPad app from Artisan Engineering promises basic help for those who want to write their own greeting card rhymes and share them via integrated Facebook posting or easy email/text sending.

Instant Poetry

Razeware’s Instant Poetry app is a fridge-magnet poetry kit for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch—drag and drop the words in your kit to make poems on top of a photo background on your screen.


Poetica is another magnetic poetry-style app for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch—but this one can be stocked with “40 different word sets, generated from the works of literary greats such as William Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, T.S. Eliot, and Emily Dickinson.”
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