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Poets A to Z

Here is a comprehensive alphabetical index where poets and poetry readers can find all the poets published, profiled or interviewed here at About.com Poetry, plus selected links to the best places to read about individual poets elsewhere on the Web. These pages include poets from every era—if you’re seeking poets from a particular time period in the past, or if you want only to read contemporary, living poets, you should look in our Poets by Era index (below).
  1. Poets by Era Index
  2. Poetry Blogs (23)
  3. Bio/Interview Collections (7)
  4. A, Abbott to Ayhan (12)
  5. B, Jimmy Santiago Baca to Geor (37)
  6. C, Cabico to Creeley (34)
  7. D, Rachel Dacus to Paul Lawren (22)
  8. E, Eberhart to Eshleman (8)
  9. F, Ferlinghetti to Frost (8)
  10. G, Gilbert to Gunn (21)
  11. H, Hall to Hughes (17)
  12. I, Ignatow to International (3)
  13. J, Jackson to Jordan (13)
  14. K, Kaufman to Kunitz (18)
  15. L, Lally to Luterman (22)
  16. M, Mackey to Myles (27)
  17. N, Neruda to Nye (6)
  18. O, O’Hara to Ovid (9)
  19. P, Michael Palmer to Frank Tem (29)
  20. Q (none) (0)
  21. R, Raindog (R.D. Armstrong) to (20)
  22. S, Salasin to Sylvester (33)
  23. T, Tate to Tu Fu (14)
  24. U (none) (0)
  25. V, Vazirani to Virgil (4)
  26. W, Diane Wakoski to C.D. Wrigh (22)
  27. X (none) (0)
  28. Y, Yeats (2)
  29. Z (none) (0)

Index of Poems
Alphabetical index by poet’s name of all the poems in the library at the About Poetry Web site.

About Poets Laureate
A brief history of the custom of appointing an official poet to serve country, state or community.

Poets Laureate of the U.S.A.
A Net-annotated list of all the poets who have served the Library of Congress as Consultant (the old title) or Poet Laureate Consultant (the new title), linked to biographies and reference sites where you can read their work.

Stanley Kunitz
A reference page on Stanley Kunitz, centenarian poet, laureate, gardener, founder of the Fine Arts Work Center & Poets House, teacher & beloved mentor to generations of younger poets.

Robert Pinsky
A reference page on Robert Pinsky, poet, critic, sax player, translator of Dante, U.S. Poet Laureate 1997 - 2000 & instigator of the Favorite Poem Project.

What Ever Happened To Poez? by Jackie Sheeler
Jackie Sheeler answers the “how did you become a poet” question... when we asked it of Jackie, “she started in about this guy who used to read in the park back in the day... Poez, Paul D. Mills, was a rogue poet, lone wolf, his own mission.”

The Beat Goes On: Lawrence Ferlinghetti is still a rebel
Victor Infante interviews Ferlinghetti on the Poet as Outsider: 'Poetry is news, and it's important when it articulates a new vision of reality or an old vision in a surprising way. When it subverts the dominant paradigm.'

W.S. Merwin
A reference page on W.S. Merwin, revered master poet, prolific translator, Buddhist & caretaker of the natural world.

Ted Kooser
A reference page on Ted Kooser, 'poet of the heartland' appointed U.S. Poet Laureate for 2004-2005.

Paul Hunter, poet without punctuation
Paul Nelson, founder of Global Voices Radio & the Pacific Northwest Spoken Word Laboratory (SPLAB!), interviews Paul Hunter on his new collection, Breaking Ground.

Index of Articles on Contemporary Poets
An index of our feature articles about contemporary poets, interviews with & poems by individual poets, poetry critics & publishers, listed by name.

Index of Articles on the Life of Poetry
An index of previous About Poetry feature articles on poetry communities, poets in society & living the life of a poet.

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