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Explore poetry through the lives of the people that write it: Here's where you will find articles, interviews, profiles and biographies of poets from A to Z, from Homer to contemporary teenage slam poets, the lives of poets through history and around the world.
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Poets A - Z

We aim to be inclusive rather than exclusive in this directory, giving you access to the wide range of poets published, profiled or interviewed here at About Poetry & elsewhere on the Net, all indexed by name. You can use the index below to find information on a particular poet by name or to browse through our collections & articles in search of a new poet whose name you don't know yet. These pages include poets from every era and area of the world -- if you're seeking poets from a particular time period (including the present) or a certain country, use the Poetry History and Poetry Around the World sections below.

Poetry History / Poets by Era

Look here to find out about poets from every era, indexed by time period, and the lives of poets through history: our feature articles, memoirs and profiles, plus links for further reading and research on the poets of the past and present.

Interviews and News about Contemporary Poets

For more than 10 years, your Poetry Guides have been shining our spotlight into all the corners of today's poetry world.

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