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B, Jimmy Santiago Baca to George Gordon, Lord Byron

Jimmy Santiago Baca
Black Mesa, dead ahead—welcome to the Homeboy Homepage. One of poetry’s true treasures, Jimmy Santiago Baca has a beautiful site to scout and scour.

Amiri Baraka
As a Beat, he was known as Leroi Jones... as a Black Nationalist and then a Third World Socialist, he is known as Amiri Baraka, playwright, poet, activist, critic, intellectual.

Amiri Baraka
Our collection of Baraka links will take you to his work all over the Net.

Les Barker
See what Mrs. Ackroyd has to say about Manchester poet/humorist/folksinger Les Barker, then catch one of his gigs in the UK or the US. From his “folk opera” The Stones of Callanish to his comic song collection Gnus and Roses to t-shirts based on songs like “Cosmo the Fairly Accurate Knife-Thrower,” it’s all at Mrs. Ackroyd Enterprises.

Aphra Behn
Widowed young, Behn was a spy and did a stint in debtor’s prison, then became, according to Vita Sackville-West, the first English woman to earn her living by writing. Luminarium has a good biography and a large collection of her work.

Stephen Vincent Benèt
He was born 100 years ago, died young and is most remembered for “John Brown’s Body.” His work is in the public domain now, treasured by readers who have put it up on the Net in Project Gutenberg and Poets’ Corner.

Steven Jesse Bernstein
Steven Jesse Bernstein, mythologos of Seattle! How his poems continue to rise and soar! SubPop released his sensational CD, Prison, in 1992, after he committed suicide in 1991.

Elizabeth Bishop
The AAP site has a brief bio and a good selection of Bishop’s poems, including her audio recording of “The Armadillo” and her much beloved villanelle, “One Art.”

bill bissett
If John Cage and Shel Silverstein had a baby and it lived in Toronto, would it be bill bissett? His books include b leev abul char ak trs (2000) and peter among th towring boxes/text bites (2002), all from Talon Books.

William Blake
A reference page on William Blake, visionary poet and artist who created his own mythology, wrote epics and children's rhymes, and made illustrated books that are admired icons centuries after his death.

William Blake
Hie thee to the giant Blake hypermedia archive, a vast, searchable, hypermedia collection of his illuminated books sponsored by the Library of Congress... or yr a Sick Rose.

William Blake
For its Blake exhibition in late 2000, Britain’s Tate Gallery produced this great interactive exhibit, William Blake Online, with mp3 recordings of the Songs, a guide to Blake’s London, a dictionary of characters in his personal mythology, a game of amazing facts & a downloadable “teacher pack.”

Giovanni Boccaccio
A chronology of Boccaccio’s life & works is at Brown University’s Decameron Web, which also offers the entire text of the Decameron, his prose masterpiece, in English & in Italian.

Bastian Boettcher
At Bastian Boettcher’s site you’ll find all the inside scoops of this creamy, totally great hiphop poet, who melts German into poetry by the spoonful. The extraordinary idea: German Rapoetry, and its Slam propulsions, await you like a kidnapper.

Eavan Boland
The model for poet in the next millenium -- woman as Maker. Her poems rip the words from the text of history to reveal the face of the faceless seethe of human beings on whose bodies power has built roads to nowhere. See “A Woman Painted on Leaf,” “The Emigrant Irish,” “That the Science of Cartography Is Limited” & “The Pomegranate.”

Eirean Patton Bradley
Bradley’s a slammer; his Speaker online anthology for the terminally hip offers an expansive sampling of other Slam poets he admires as well as his own poem, “10,000.”

Richard Brautigan
The most comprehensive online collection of Broutiganiana is at John Barber’s Brautigan Bibliography, where you’ll find everything from his life story to genealogical charts, his poetry, novels, stories & non-fiction, notes on the works inspired by Brautigan, eulogies & tributes to him.

Richard Brautigan
The Brautigan Pages is a community-based site meant to bring Brautigan fans together. Don’t miss the interactive Flash version of Please Plant This Book, Brautigan’s seed packet poems. And the photos of Brautigan 1963 - 1978 by Erik Weber are classics every one.

Richard Brautigan
Nils T. Devine claims to have posted “the largest collection of Richard Brautigan poetry on the Web” -- at least until Brautigan’s estate asks that the texts be taken down.

Joseph Brodsky
A meditation on American Nobel laureate in poetry Joseph Brodsky and his vision of spreading poetry across the country, which inspired a young man named Andy Carroll to create the American Poetry & Literacy Project.

William Bronk
The Modern American Poetry page devoted to the late William Bronk, poet of transcendance & epistemology, offers a biography, excerpted interviews & commentary, and a tantalizing few poems. Bronk asks in many ways: Who is in charge of meaning, poet or words? Is a poem still a poem if no one reads it?

Gwendolyn Brooks
Our dearest National Treasure, Gwendolyn Brooks passed on in the year 2000 & is fondly remembered & sorely missed. Voices from the Gaps has a brief bio and links; her page at AAP includes an audio file of her reading “We Real Cool.”

James Broughton
Merry soul, filmmaker & poet James Broughton passed on in 1999, leaving us his poems to “awaken or delight or transform,” a little of his Big Joy.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806 - 1861), British Romantic poet of the Victorian era, is best known for her Sonnets from the Portuguese, love poems written for her husband Robert Browning, with whom she eloped to Italy at the age of 40.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Begin first with her poems: you’ll find Sonnets from the Portuguese and Selected Poems (1844) at the University of Maryland’s Womens Studies Reading Room.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning
A biography and lots of commentary are linked from the EBB site in The Victorian Web.

Elizabeth & Robert Browning
The Brownings’ love story, epitome of Victorian Romanticism, is realized with poems and RealAudio songs at the site created for the PBS special, Thomas Hampson: I Hear America Singing.

Robert Browning
Known during his lifetime mostly as Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s husband, Robert Browning’s dramatic monologues and poems earned later acclaim and made his work a major influence on the 20th century modernists. We have a small selection of his poems; a greater number are at the University of Toronto’s Representative Poetry On-Line.

Robert Browning
For commentary and context, visit Browning’s page at The Victorian Web and consult University of Minnesota Professor Michael Hancher’s list of Browning lit crit references.

Lord Buckley
At LordBuckley.com, you’ll find a celebratory archive of everything to do with this seminal spoken word artist, storyteller of the Hip Semantic, curated by the inimitable, indefatigable Michael Monteleone.

Charles Bukowski
Buk’s Page includes some of his charming line drawings along with a bio from Black Sparrow, letters from Bukowski fans, excerpts from Sure, the Bukowski newsletter, and links to order books online. And City Lights Booksellers & Publishers has a pretty complete listing of all the Bukowski books for your browsing pleasure.

Robert Burns
Robert Burns was born more than 250 years ago and lived only 37 years, but in that time he wrote many of the best-remembered lyrics and ballads in both Scots and English, set words to a whole catalog of traditional folk melodies, and cemented his renown to the present day as the national bard of Scotland and forerunner of the British Romantic...

Robert Burns
Scotland Online’s Burns site bills itself as “The Bard -- The Complete Guide” & offers a Burns Supper program & a page on haggis along with biographical information & selected poems.

Robert Burns
Fascinating browsing in the Web catalog from the University of South Carolina’s special exhibition of Burnsiana in honor of the bicentenary of his death includes this page of chapbooks (even then the avenue for popular distribution of poetry) & this page of song collections (including the bawdy lyrics of The Merry Muses).

George Gordon, Lord Byron
George Gordon, Lord Byron was the descendant of English naval officers and barons on his father’s side, Scottish lords and kings on his mother’s, and he was himself both a nobleman and a revolutionary. He lived a flamboyant and scandalous life, so much so that he was famously dubbed “mad, bad and dangerous to know” and his celebrity far outshone...

George Gordon, Lord Byron
Marilee Cody’s site, The Life and Work of Lord Byron, has collected all manner of Byroniana: original sources, contemporary and historical commentary, poems, images and letters.

The Annotated Don Juan (Byron)
Bob Blair calls Byron’s masterwork “probably the most entertaining long poem in the English language” and has devoted years to compiling this annotated version for your reading pleasure.

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