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E, Richard Eberhart to Clayton Eshleman

Big Poppa E
Big Poppa E, aka Eirik Ott, was a member of the San Francisco Slam Team that tied for the championship at the 1999 National Poetry Slam, & is most famous for his “Wussy Boy Manifesto.”

Richard Eberhart
Richard Eberhart was a prize-winning poet, laureate, teacher and mentor to generations of poets. David Graham posted A Student’s Memories of Richard Eberhart here after Eberhart died in 2005.

Hans Ebner
Take off a hat, toss a libation, read a poem or two or three of Hans Ebner, 1945-1997, editor of The Smudge Review, poet of streets and bars and life, citizen of Detroit and Las Vegas: “tombstones / are death cards / you only get one / so they are / cut from stone.”

Larry Eigner
My favorite utilization of Web possum bilities, you ask? Why I dive straight off the high board into the deeperest end and check Bob Grenier’s reinterworkings of the poems of the late (as if he were ever anything but on time!) Larry Eigner on Light and Dust Poets.

T.S. Eliot
Greg Foster’s TSE Web site is the home of the T.S. Eliot discussion list & boasts the TSEBase Eliot Concordance, where you can search Eliot’s collected poems for the phrase you're trying to place.

T.S. Eliot
The texts of Prufrock & Other Observations, his 1920 Poems & The Waste Land (“April is the cruellest month, breeding / Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing / Memory and desire. . .”) are all in the Bartleby.com archive, together with The Sacred Wood, his 1920 collection of essays on poetry & criticism.

Louise Erdrich
Native American writer of poetry, novels and children’s literature, she was the wife of Michael Dorris, who comitted suicide in 1997. Her poetry collections are Jacklight and Baptism of Desire. Salon’s interview with her is entitled “The Creative Instinct.”

Clayton Eshleman
Heavy hitter from the Black Mountain school and beyond mountain rock, Eshleman goes farther back even than Rothenberg in tracing the origins of poetry -- that is, to the Paleolithic age itself.

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