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Poets in the News
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Since we began the site in 1997, Poetry Guides Bob Holman and Margery Snyder have worked to make it a gathering place for current news about poets and poetry all over the world. First we published Juliette Torrez’ Poetry Channel & Information Network newsletters (1997 - 1999). Its successor was the weekly Museletter with regular reports from our worldwide network of correspondents (1999 - 2003). We also kept our eyes open for poetry news in the mainstream media, and collected links to the most interesting stories in our Poets in the News files from 2002 - 2004. But when we were given the tools to transform the front page of this site into a dated blog with automated archives, beginning in 2003, the Poets in the News pages faded away.

If you arrived at this page after searching for a poet’s name that appeared in one of those old Poets in the News items, we’d suggest you use the search box at the upper right of this page to find other articles and postings about that poet here at About.com Poetry. If you want to browse through past postings of poetry news, visit our blog archives.

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