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Readers Respond: The Poem of Love That Has Touched My Heart Most Deeply

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From the article: Love Poems
From the very beginnings of human culture, poets have provided the words people use to express love both sacred and sexual. Your Poetry Guides have put together an anthology of classic love poems and selected the best book collections of love poetry—and now we’d like to hear about your favorites. Tell us, please.

Let me not to the marriage of true minds

Something so intangible, sublime, surreal was grabbed and smitten on paper, lines standing to defy all ages. Only he could do it!
—Guest Seema.Joglekar

This is My Beloved, by Walter Benton

I first came across these poems, written in the year I was born, when I was 17, in the late 50s. They are a narrative of a love affair from beginning to sad end. Lines from the various entries have stayed with me for all these years, and still ring true. He opens with “Because hate is legislated...written into the primer and the testament, shot into our blood and brain like vaccine or vitamins... I need love more than hope or money or wisdom or a drink... and only yes can turn the tide...” The poet travels from here into the love affair in diary form and takes the reader with him. It still works after all these years, and so much more experience.
—Guest cmarkle

“How Do I Love Thee?”

...by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. This sonnet sums up my concept of expressing my love to my beloved.
—Guest Latha Sakhya

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