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Readers Respond: My Favorite Place and Time for Poetry

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From the article: How To Read a Poem
How do you best like to experience new poems? Do you like to read in bed? Get them in email and take time out to read a poem when you’re doing something else on the computer? Hear them read to you in a recording or at a live reading? Please tell us about your favorite place and time to read poems.

My favourite place for reading a poem

I am so not gonna lie about this--for me, a very noisy place just does it for me. As long as I’m not physically distracted, boy do I love poetry in a noisy area. Poetry has got a habit/ability of getting one into its mood and setting, thus getting immersed in it. So, if I thirst for a bit of poetry and I find myself at the most quiet of places at the time, I turn on my mp3 player or radio, just so there is some sort of noise or sound. For I know that if the sound/noise disturbs me not, then I’m captured in the poem and I’m moving in its pulse. But if the opposite happens (the sounds/noises around me distract me), it simply means that I’m not “inside” the poem itself. A noisy area just gets me into the poem... *smiling*
—Guest Nic Mab

On a Crowded Bus

On the outside of this dirty window pane is rainy Danish darkness, the whole situation here in Copenhagen reminding me of Pound’s “In a Station of the Metro.”
—Guest falkfarm

Hermit Time

The best time for poetry to me is what I consider “hermit time” or “alone time,” especially when writing poetry. I prefer silence when writing except for some soft instrumental music to relax me. It is a little harder to concentrate in a loud surrounding.
—Guest Michael White

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