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Readers Respond: My Favorite Place and Time for Poetry

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From the article: Read a Poem
How do you best like to experience new poems? Do you like to read in bed? Get them in email and take time out to read a poem when you’re doing something else on the computer? Hear them read to you in a recording or at a live reading? Please tell us about your favorite place and time to read poems. Share Yours.

Almost Always

If it’s a good poem, especially an inspiring poem, anywhere and any time is good, unless it robs a person you’re with of the time they, too, deserve.
—Guest Peggy Wilmeth Carr

In the Middle of the Night

At 3 a.m. when the pain is intolerable—I read poetry. Crowds skull with sensations beyond pain, stills the yammering. I am transported on a carpet of words.

Early a.m. Hours

Place: In my “writing” room, three of the four walls shelved with books... mostly poetry; and reading from the page, not the screen. Time: Between 1:00 a.m and 6:00 a.m., free of distraction. When it’s only me with the poem and spirits of poets in the dust on the bookshelf. This becomes my exercise in creative energy.

In the Driver’s Seat

I read poems in a variety of spots but one of the most enjoyable and most frequent is in my car. I arrive at work early and before I go into the building I sit in solitude and read. It also provides a quiet time in which to write my own poems.
—Guest Renee

My favourite place for reading a poem

I am so not gonna lie about this--for me, a very noisy place just does it for me. As long as I’m not physically distracted, boy do I love poetry in a noisy area. Poetry has got a habit/ability of getting one into its mood and setting, thus getting immersed in it. So, if I thirst for a bit of poetry and I find myself at the most quiet of places at the time, I turn on my mp3 player or radio, just so there is some sort of noise or sound. For I know that if the sound/noise disturbs me not, then I’m captured in the poem and I’m moving in its pulse. But if the opposite happens (the sounds/noises around me distract me), it simply means that I’m not “inside” the poem itself. A noisy area just gets me into the poem... *smiling*
—Guest Nic Mab

On a Crowded Bus

On the outside of this dirty window pane is rainy Danish darkness, the whole situation here in Copenhagen reminding me of Pound’s “In a Station of the Metro.”
—Guest falkfarm

Hermit Time

The best time for poetry to me is what I consider “hermit time” or “alone time,” especially when writing poetry. I prefer silence when writing except for some soft instrumental music to relax me. It is a little harder to concentrate in a loud surrounding.
—Guest Michael White

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My Favorite Place and Time for Poetry

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